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Our Storage Barns & Sheds

Owner, Cory McFarlane, and our team of skilled carpenters have crafted a range of barn styles for you - traditional "Mansard" and gable shed designs.

If you're in the Hampton area, stop in to see one under construction. The barns might not have the exact roof line or siding you’re looking for. But you’ll be able to see our great workmanship.

Our two distinctive roof line designs are each available in a wide range of sizes - plus several extra options!

  • Mansard storage barns with the traditional barn shaped roof.
  • Gable storage barns mirror residential roof lines.

But these stock items aren't your only option. You can also request a custom built storage shed. Perhaps you want to match the siding and roof shingles on your house or cottage. We can do that! Or maybe you want windows and shutters to match those on your house. Another can-do! In fact, we can do whatever dream design fits your budget.

All of our storage sheds come completely assembled with HST, leveling and delivery within a 40km radius of shop location included. For locations where there is difficult access or units larger than a 10x16, Top Notch Storage Barns will construct your storage shed on site for an additional minimal fee.

Customized Projects Are Quoted On Request.

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